Call My Congress is no longer supported.

Looking for another place to reach your representatives?

Wondering why this site has been shut down?

I created this website around November 2016 to help others quickly and easily call their congressional representatives. I built it over the course of a week using data made freely available by the US Census Geocoding Services, ProPublica,, and GovTrack.

Since then, over 300,000 of you have visited this site and searched for your representatives. Thank you for participating in democracy and making your voice heard.

Unfortunately, I am no longer able to keep running Call My Congress and ensure that this website is secure, accessible, and accurate.

Ensuring you are about to reach your representatives in Congress is too important to be handled by one person in her limited free time. There are so many other apps out there that are much better supported and able to help you engage with your representatives.

Thank you for using Call My Congress. If you've ever written in about a bug or to let me know about your use case, I truly appreciate it. It's been an honor to hear from you and support you in this small way.

—Marie Chatfield
December 8, 2019